NEW Aftermarket Tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Kit Design


The stock Model 3 Aero Wheel hub caps are purely for efficiency. What if you don't always need efficiency? Now, you have two options. Leave your stock Aero hubs or pull those efficient hubs off and unleash the gorgeous rim that lies underneath. This is where we come in. With Custom Aero Wheels, owners now have the choice to customize their beautiful Aero wheels. Break free from those annoying individual lug nut caps or the impossible to remove center caps.

What are Custom Aero Wheels?

Custom Aero Wheels is a brand new replacement for the stock Tesla hubs. Our design is simple yet sporty and comes with a punch. One of our favorite features is the speed of installation. It takes about five seconds per wheel to remove the stock hub and put on our Custom Aero Wheel cap. We are giving owners the ability to have gorgeous sporty Aero wheels with a new, unique and customizable design.

How We Started

The drive and motivation to create something unique for the Aero wheels was easy. The rims underneath the hubs are awesome but they need something better than Tesla's boring cap kit option. After hundreds of hours of planning and design, we finally came up with Custom Aero Wheels design and we couldn't be happier. Quality products, with great customer service and fast shipping are our passion.

Product Features

In addition to the new and unique design, our product is customizable. One has the option to choose between satin grey and black for the main cap. We also have four different colored center Ts to choose from including black, white, blue and red. Our Custom Aero Wheels caps lock into the center of the wheel like your stock Aero hub. Our caps are made out of high-quality automotive ABS plastic that is able to withstand nearly anything the car can withstand.


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