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Tech of Tech recently reviewed our Custom Aero Wheels kit on his long-range Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3. Cameron said he loved the way the Custom Aero Wheel kit distinguishes his Tesla Model 3 from other Model 3’s with a unique and sharp looking wheel kit. He points out that the stock aero wheels from Tesla are not attractive and this product gives the user a way to subtly change the look of your Model 3 without looking gaudy.

Custom Aero Wheels Black And White Kit Tesla Model 3

The main feature he liked was the easy install of the product- just snap in place to put on the cap. They are equally easy to take off. He liked the fact that you can choose either a black or satin gray main cap and then further personalize it with your choice of a black, red, blue, or white T logo. He added that you can’t go wrong with any color choice.
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